Here’s our online video coach for people with GERD!

print screen from maagzuur coach

A client had a simple question: “Can you develop a online coaching for people with GERD who take PPI-medication?.... Eeuh, ….. and we have a limited budget”.

“Yes, we can!” Here’s the result: our video coach for patients with GERD: ‘acide gastrique’ or ‘maagzuur’.

We’re proud that 2 Belgian Key Opinion Leaders fully believe in this innovative type of coaching: Prof Tack (UZ Leuven) and prof Louis (CHU Liège).

We developed an automated online coaching of six sessions. Patients can enrol on the site or Our video-coach welcomes them and invites them to subscribe. Only patients who take the PPI of our client can enter the site. We check this by the code that is mentioned on the box of their medication.

During six sessions our coach will guide and motivate patients to change their lifestyle, avoid certain ingredients and take their medication. The point of departion is always a 3 tot 5 minute video. In this video the patient gets information from his coach, a GP, Charley (the patient), a gastroenterologist and the spouse of Charley. But this video is just the start. In each session the patient gets homework: to keep in a GERD-dairy, a quiz on PPI, choose an assignment from a TO-DO list, do self-monitoring, ….

In this coaching we also integrated some ‘hidden’ motivators: some tasks that motivates patients to hold on their lifestyle changes an good adherence.

It’s a new type of online coaching. An innovative program that immediately attracted the attention of other ‘early believers’ ...