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White paper: M-health, the key to the future!

VOKA Mhealth white paper

Interalis participated in the writing of a VOKA white paper on the future of M-health. In chapter 5 we focus on the role of M-Health as a motor of adherence.
It's not only a "happy - happy - happy" report! A lot of attention went to the difficulties entrepreneurs experience in a country as Belgium.

For those who read Dutch, ... download the paper here:

Do more with less: watch the video here

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Remedus and Interalis developed a new coaching program which combines the best of two worlds: a online coaching program + face-to-face coaching by a nurse.

Compliance and Haemophilia: WFH convention

Adherence to haemophilia therapy
Some lessons from WFH in Melbourne


Haemophilic patients have a genetic defect. As a result of that, their blood clots not as it should be. If they a have a bleed, it can take a long time until the wound stops bleeding. Therefore, patients have to inject themselves with medication (blood clotting protein F8 and/or F9). You can imagine, the importance of good adherence.


Unconsciously non-adherent

Future = ‘Quantified self’ apps + personal coaching

example of Bodymedia

What about the apps that try to guide you to a healthy life style? They collect a huge amount of data with an armband linked to a smartphone or computer. These so-called ‘quantified self’ apps monitor the calories you consumed, the quality of your sleep, the calories you burned, kilometres you ran, … Well-known examples are Bodymedia ( or Lark (

Here’s our online video coach for people with GERD!

print screen from maagzuur coach

A client had a simple question: “Can you develop a online coaching for people with GERD who take PPI-medication?.... Eeuh, ….. and we have a limited budget”.

“Yes, we can!” Here’s the result: our video coach for patients with GERD: ‘acide gastrique’ or ‘maagzuur’.

We’re proud that 2 Belgian Key Opinion Leaders fully believe in this innovative type of coaching: Prof Tack (UZ Leuven) and prof Louis (CHU Liège).