Interalis has strong partners

No-one excels in everything! Interalis has the know-how to change behaviour and to enhance treatment fidelity. But we don’t always have the in-house expertise at our disposal. That is why we work together with strong partners, such as:

  • PXL: IT research group.
    This spin-off of the Hogeschool Limburg is a reliable ICT partner for the development of on-line programmes.
  • Wout Van Der Borght
    He is a psychologist at the academic hospital in Louvain, where he coaches diabetics and obesity patients.
  • Anne Marrez
    Psychologist at the ‘Centre d'orthonutrition’ in Tournai
  • Loes Koolen
  • Tamara Swing
    This production company is our preferred audio-visual content provider. The ‘Tamara Swing’ team creates the videos that we use for patient education.