What do we do?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” method to coach patients towards enhanced treatment fidelity. Every coaching programme is made-to-measure: depending on each patient’s pathology, age, budget, …

Interalis aids in finding attainable solutions, using a wide array of formats: a DVD with patient education, an on-line coaching programme, a coach making regular calls, a texting service, ….

More and more, patient monitoring is integrated into coaching programmes. This can involve, for example, the on-line monitoring of the patient’s blood pressure or glucose level. Interalis is currently starting up programmes that provide a combination of coaching and monitoring.

‘Blended’ forms of coaching are the future!

These programmes integrate different forms of coaching into one programme. On-line, face-to-face consultations, texting, coaching via telephone, …. All these approaches can be very complementary.

The central question then remains: “Which patient requires which form of coaching”. For example, not everybody needs a nurse making house calls, and not every patient has access to the internet. Interalis develops programmes that are individually suited to each patient. ‘Personalised care’ is Interalis’ ultimate aim!